12 Online Shopping Tools and Features 2020

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Shopping online has many advantages consumers can save time going to multiple stores. By doing online shopping customers can check the price in the privacy at their own homes. They can easily access products from far away and save time to going to different stores. Nowadays purchasing anything you want is easier than ever before; just go online and order it with a few clicks.  It’s a new decade and we are living with new technology and many facilities that we can get everything fast at home.

The first item ever ordered online on Amazon in 1995 was a book. Around 25 years later, the online shopping spread around the world. Ecommerce has evolved to meet the changing requirements of people, and for modern-day customers make online shopping easier. At basic stage ecommerce was limited in its competences. There need to be updated its return policies, and other payment options. There is a lot of competition that is increasing rapidly. No matter what kind of shopping do you want to do there is a lot of websites that you can find your desire products easily. As we move to 2020 you need to know about new tools and features that will help you for online shopping.

Online Shopping Demand

Due to Covid-19: Coronavirus is spreading around the world rapidly and almost all countries are lockdown to protect people from coronavirus. And almost everyone is quarantined at his/her home around the world. But everyone needs to do shopping, but can’t go to a shopping mall or market to purchase something. In this situation, online shopping is the best option. There are a lot of eCommerce websites that provide better service to customers for shopping online. Amazon is the best website for online shopping. There you can get everything like grocery, food items related to your requirement just by one click.   

Here are some tools and features for online shopping in 2020
1 Return Policy

Customers worry about their money how will they recover their money. About 60% online shoppers make at least one return or exchange per year. That’s why Amazon offers a free and reliable return process for most items.

2. Customer-friendly

One of the most popular online activities is online shopping and ecommerce sale is growing constantly. An increasing number of people are turning to online shopping because of the popularity of ecommerce stores. There are many factors that increase online shopping. The basic factor is shopper comfort, that’s why most online websites make comfort to online shoppers. Most websites are made customer-friendly with all the requirements that provide comfort. This allows you to research and get the information you need without talking to a salesperson. 

3. Environment

All brands need to take action because Green consumerism is on the growth. environmental concerns impact on digital consumers’ purchasing decision. That’s why ecommerce business makes sure to create more sustainable practices and should be environmentally friendly.

4. Shopping from mobile device

Mobile shopping is growing constantly almost 59% shopping takes place on mobile devices. Before shopping online, you can use your mobile device to browse or research before making your mind up about your purchase. Because more sites are now optimized for mobile use. People feel more comfortable shopping on mobile devices than ever before, because trust in online shopping is increasing.

5. Voice Shopping

Another good feature is voice shopping and voice shopping is growing. Voice shopping is a non-visual experience, which means that you have to select your products by providing a verbal description of what you are looking for.  People are using voice assistants like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to do buy products online. This feature is best if you have already decided on your purchase, you don’t need to browse anymore. In 2014 Amazon launched a smart speaker and now this eCommerce trend has grown in popularity. Although voice shopping is still its early stage it will become increasingly popular in the coming years. You should this feature for food items and other low-cost items, but you can use it if you already decided on your purchase and brand.

6. Shopping from Social Media

Social media is also useful for online shopping people buy things using social media. Social shoppers are rapidly increasing. There is a buy button on Facebook to buy items from Facebook and checkout button on Instagram.

7. Chatbots

Chatbots is another good tool that can serve the role of brick-and-mortar greeter and salesperson. With Chatbots retailers communicate with customers and give them the personal attention and thoughtful recommendations based on their responses. This is the faster responsive tool because more than 60% of customers preferring faster responses and detail about the product they want to buy.

8.QR code Payments

Nowadays more people do the shopping and use mobile payments. Due to research more than one-third of the population use mobile payments. Another good feature is QR code because QR code seems to be making its way back.  According to research, 45% of internet users scan a QR code on their mobile phones. Mostly QR code used for online transactions, like food delivery, car-sharing, and many others. Geographically, QR code is popular in Asia. In US almost 65 % of users use mobile payment they use PayPal and Apple Pay for online shopping and other transaction. With a number of payment options including e-wallets, more websites are doing their best to provide a smooth user experience. China is using WeChat and Alipay for online shopping. 

9. Artificial Intelligence

Most of the websites are using Artificial Intelligence (AI). This helps to increase the personalization of the customer experience. This tool helps the retailer to improve its services to customers and give them a competitive advantage. AI used to generate timely offers, to chatbots that respond to customer queries instantly. This tool is useful to understand the reactions of customers to the product or service purchased. AI is used to gather information about visitors and then help adjust the site to their requirements and needs. By using this tool retailers can understand customer’s interests and suggestions and display all the related items to select the best one. By doing this customer don’t need to waste time searching for their related items. 

10. Visual Content

Visual content means using the product photos, interactive content, engaging videos to showcase the products. By visual content customers may have better experience to understand the products. Almost 62% consumers watch video before purchasing products.

11. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) technologies, offering a much richer buying experience this is useful for shoppers to see the product firsthand. And this enable online shoppers to better visualization the products that they are interested in. AR give a customer the ability to not just see a 3D model of a product but lets a user see how it looks if they were actually wearing it.  AR technology is the game changer for online shoppers and can change the way that online customers perceive the products that they intend to buy. By using AR, customers are able to better understand their needs and if the products that they intend to buy their demands.AR allows shoppers the ability to test and explore products in the way that they would do through an in-person shopping experience.

12. Personalization

For customers satisfaction personalizing the online shopping experience is the key feature.  People value a more personalized experience when shopping online they want help to find the products that they are searching for. In this way you can avoid the poor products.


With the advance technology and a lot of websites and social media, shopping is as easy as one click. You can purchase your desire product online with no pressure and harassment. The list of the above tools and features we think will help you to do shopping online. However, it doesn’t mean all the tools will be helpful to you because every tool is not useful for everyone. But most of them will be helpful for you to better understand.

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