HawkEye DT2B DepthTrax

Price: $109.99 - $93.53
(as of Nov 30,2022 15:30:25 UTC – Details)

The DepthTrax 2B is an updated version of DepthTrax 1B. Following years of exhaustive RandD and field testing, we’ve updated the SONAR algorithms of the DepthTrax 2B to literally reach new depths. Now able to reach depths of 600 feet and tuned for high speed performance, the DepthTrax 2B reaches deeper and performs faster than any depth finder we’ve ever produced. The DepthTrax 2B delivers a combination of performance and affordability unrivaled in any other depth sounder. The foundation of the DepthTrax 2B is our proprietary algorithmic programming, which significantly reduces false readings and products unmatched precision. Depth readings are updated four times per second on the no glare, polarized LCD icon display. We’ve even incorporated a waterproof plud and play transducer connector and a waterproof fuse holder. Finally, we’ve perfected customization with our patented interchangeable face/bezel system. The DepthTrax 2B includes white/black face-plates and trim rings, allowing custom matching to most boat dash configurations. We even throw in a storage sun cover for good measure. The DepthTrax 2B comes standard with HawkEye’s exclusive high-speed, dual-mount transducer that can be transom mounted or glued inside most boat hulls. Ideal for power boaters and sailors, the Norcross Hawkeye DF1000D Depth Sounder delivers instant depth updates to help keep you safe in the water. Featuring auto-ranging and auto-sensitivity features, the DF1000D gives precise depth readings (in feet or meters) from 2.5 to 200 feet at speeds up to 63 miles per hour. It also incorporates an advanced three-stage depth alarm warning system with programmable shallow and deep water alarms, while the Keel-Offset function allows readings to be adjusted for vessel draft. Today’s high-tech, multipurpose depth sounders and fish finders are designed to produce a range of readings, from bottom contour, fish location, and thermoclines, to a variety of other useful sonar data. However, the technology used to decipher between these different signals, coupled with the configuration of their specialized transducers, greatly reduces their ability to give instant bottom readings while on plane. The DF1000D, on the other hand, gives you reliable reading while you’re running your boat. Its easy touch, algorithmic, digital programming, waterproof front face, and large, 1.65 x 0.85-inch, illuminated display give you everything you need to make each trip safe and productive. For added convenience, the included transducer can be transom-mounted or glued in. The DF1000D comes with a two year .
ShootThru sonar technology allows for depth readings through solid fiberglass hulls and up to 1/8-inch aluminum hulls
3-stage Advanced Warning System clearly signals an alarm condition with an audible alarm, an ultra bright red LED warning light and LCD alarm indicators
No glare, polarized LCD icon display with storage sun cover allows for spot free viewing with or without sunglasses; Algorithmic programming significantly reduces false readings and produces unmatched precision
HawkEye products are manufactured both in the USA and overseas using technology designed and developed with American ingenuity

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