Kuject Stud Finder Wall Scanner – 8 in 1 Electronic Stud Sensor with Magnetic Detector, Bubble Level, LCD Display, Wall Scanner for the Center and Edge of Metal Wood AC Wire Studs Joist Beam

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Product Description

Stud finderStud finder

When you need to hang pictures and mirrors or install heavy objects such as TV brackets, knowing where the studs are in a wall is crucial. Having a stud finder that can detect accurately is a prerequisite for a successful DIY home project.

8 in 1 Kuject Stud finder integrates 6 scanning modes and 2 auxiliary tools to help you say goodbye to crooked picture frames and unnecessary holes.

This stud finder detect density changes in spaces behind walls, quickly locates edges and center of studs, joists, beams, metals, pipes, live AC wire behind walls, floors and ceilings. Not applicable scan surface: ceramic surfaces, cement board walls and brick walls.

magnetic stud finder magnetic stud finder

No longer make a difficult decision between magnetic stud finder or electronic stud finder. Kuject stud finder is equipped with both modern electronic detection and traditional magnetic detection. The combination of the two modes can help you accurately detect studs.

stud finder wall scannerstud finder wall scanner


Stud Mode:If you are not sure about the thickness of the wall, please scan in 1/2″ mode at first, then in 1″ mode, and finally in 1½” mode.

Metal Mode: Since the studfinder are looking for change in density behind drywall, not a particular material, in Stud mode the detector will react to metal studs the same as it would for wooden studs. After you find center of a object, please use Metal mode to determine if the previous reading in Stud mode was a wood stud, or metal stud/pipe.

AC Mode: AC Wire detection indicates the presence of live, unshielded electrical wiring up to 2 inches deep. In all modes, this wall scanner always detect and indicate Live AC Wires.

Magnetic Mode: Magnetic mode can detect nails or screws up to 0.4 inches to locate studs. When you encounter inconsistent results when using stud mode, the wall situation may be a bit complicated. Since metals tend not to be on such shallow surfaces, use the magnetic mode to double check.

wall scanner

wall scanner



stud sensor

stud sensor

stud finder with laser level

stud finder with laser level

Step 1: Choose the Mode

Long Press Mode Button to turn on the tool, short press Mode Button to switch to the desired mode.

Step 2: Calibrate the tool before every scan

Hold the scan button (on the side of the tool) to calibrate. Wait for the reducing bars disappeared and beep to confirm calibration has completed.

Note: In stud mode, put it on the wall where you want to detect to calibrate it; In AC/Metal mode, put it in the air to calibrate it;

Step 3: Scan on the Wall

After finishing calibration, please release the calibration button. Then move the tool along the wall slowly, if you shake or lift the tool accidentally, the tool needs to be re-calibrated.

Note: When the signal bar changes, meaning the density behind the wall has changed, studs may be nearby.

Step 4: Find the location of the stud

When the signal bar is full and the beep alarm is loudest, it means you have found the center of an object. Mark it with your pencil.

Then switch to Metal mode to test whether it is a metal. After you confirm that it is not a metal, it means that you found the center of a stud. Then you can drill it to hang the thing.

detector de madera en paredesdetector de madera en paredes

stud detectorstud detector

Accuracy & Consistency: The kuject stud finder adopts a smart micro sensor chip to accurately, quickly and repeatedly find the edges and centers of studs, metals, joists, pipes and live AC wires behind walls, floors and ceilings. Whether you are a professional, homeowner or DIY enthusiast, save time and effort with this electronic wall scanner.
8 in 1 Function: Not only offers 6 scanning modes: Stud mode is used to find and locate the center and edge of wood or metal studs up to 0.5/1/1.5 inches deep; Magnetic mode detects nails and screws to position studs; Metal mode can detect metals up to 2.36 inches deep; AC mode detects live unshielded AC wirings up to 2 inches deep; also integrates a bubble level and scale ruler to assist users in daily operations.
Multiple detection: In the face of complex wall conditions, stud mode combined with magnetic mode can ensures more reliable results. With the help of this stud finder wall scanner, you no longer need to worry about drilling unnecessary holes in the wall.
LCD Screen and Audio alarm: This multi-function stud detector has clear sound prompts and a backlit LCD display, which can still provide a clear display even in low light environments. It can indicate the direction, edge, center and signal strength of objects during detection.
Reliable and Easy to Use: The lightweight ergonomic body provides users with more comfort and convenience when scanning, and the automatic calibration before use provides users with maximum reliability and accuracy. After calibration, you can release the scan button to detect, saving the user time and effort and making the detect easier to complete.


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