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MOOKA Air Purifier for Home, 3-in-1 True HEPA Filter Air Cleaner for Bedroom and Office, Odor Eliminator for Allergies and Pets, Smoke, Dust, Mold, 3D Filtration, Night Light

The more significant part of the advanced mechanical air purifiers you will see today is the utilization of two filtrations. One is the primary HEPA channel, and another is the scent channel. We discovered this smooth and conservative mid-run genuine HEPA air purifier that utilizes 4 phase center filtrations. Which appears to be entirely remarkable. Today we will survey the Mooka True HEPA Air Purifier about its adequacy, value, and a little examination. With a comparative air purifier at this value run.

Mooka True HEPA Air Purifier

Details and Features:

  • From the outset, how about we check the particulars beneath:
  • Filtration: Pre-channel, HEPA, and initiated carbon channel in a bundle, UV-C sanitizer, ionizer
  • HEPA class: True HEPA (H12)
  • Channel lifetime: up to 2000 hrs
  • CADR: 300 cubic meter/hour or 177 cubic feet/minute
  • Sensor: VOC sensor
  • Inclusion: 540 sq ft at 2.5 air changes every hour or 265 sq ft at five air changes for each hour
  • Number of manual fan speed: 3
  • Programmed mode: Yes, it is.
  • Size of purifier: 18.3″H x 13.8″W x 7.1″D
  • Gadget weight: 12.3 lbs
  • Appraised power: 75 W
  • Most reduced Noise: 28dB
  • Voltage: 100-120V AC, 60 HZ

Mooka genuine HEPA air purifier is a smooth and polished completed air purifier stacked with different filtration strategies. The level and sideways air bay plan will permit you to utilize it all over the place, even against the dividers. This plan is helpful when you have somewhat more space in your space to put it. It doesn’t appear to such a large number of numerous highlights in the touchscreen control board on top. Yet it incorporates a lovely distant regulator. Mooka true HEPA air purifier is lightweight. Eeffectively versatile with conveying handles, and the upkeep is too simple.


Smaller HEPA and Activated Carbon Filter

The center filtration is a composite channel incorporating an H12 class genuine HEPA channel, initiated carbon channel, and a layer of pre-channel. And Honest HEPA execution will convey 99.97% productivity on particulate poisons as little as 0.3 microns. Along these lines, you can utilize it against a wide range of particulate air toxins like dust, pet dander, dust bugs, form spores, and smoke particles. The third stage filtration is an actuated carbon channel joined to the HEPA channel bundle. And this channel will retain smells, VOCs, and gas contaminations. An antibacterial cotton pre-channel remembers the main phase of the composite track, which will hinder the huge air contaminations and increment HEPA channels’ effectiveness.

They said the composite channel incorporates a few materials that fundamentally retain formaldehyde, yet they didn’t reveal it.

Channel Replace

The maker prescribes to change the channel each 3 to a half year dependent on indoor air quality. A clock-based channel life marker will illuminate the following 2000 hours of utilization. It appears to be a decent channel life as it is a composite channel. Nonetheless, it may be immersed early or keep going longer, which relies upon air quality essentially. You can likewise vacuum just the carbon channel side.

UV-C Air Sanitizer:

Mooka true HEPA air purifier bright light turns on consequently when you turned broadcasting in a real-time purifier. This UV light will crush any different microorganisms like shape spores and microbes that pass the center HEPA channel pack. You can control it from the distant regulator, and it goes off naturally at regular intervals.


A negative particle generator or ionizer incorporated its filtration steps. Because Negative particle includes some effectiveness in molecule expulsion from the air. Like the UV light, it turns ON naturally when you power ON the gadget each time. In any case, not like the UV light channel, the ionizer can be controlled through the gadget contact board, and there is a marker light.

Ionizer produces a modest quantity of ozone, and they guarantee it’s beneath the protected level. Mooka additionally assured it got CARB confirmations for the ozone-safe air purifier list. However, we didn’t discover it on the rundown. Most perhaps as it’s another air purifier, CARB still didn’t refresh their rundown yet. If somebody has asthma or breathing issues, don’t turn it ON.

Overage, CADR, and ACH

The Clean Air Delivery Rate or CADR of Mooka true HEPA air purifier is 177 cfm, which is excellent for a mid-go air purifier. The 177 cfm wind current is appropriate to use in a room-sized of 265 square feet with five air trades for each hour. And when you need more air trade every hour (ACH), at that point, you have to choose the room size littler.

Live Air Quality Display: Mooka air purifier has an underlying air quality sensor to quantify air quality. It can just recognize VOCs and smells as the sensor comes up short on a particulate sensor to identify particulate issues (PM). And it shows the indoor air quality with three hues: Blue for good, Green for moderate, and Red for most exceedingly terrible.

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