Oyster 4G/5G Cat-M1 GPS Tracker for Assets – Up to 5 Year Battery Life – Small, Waterproof GPS for Asset Tracking – Car Tracker Device – GPS Vehicle/Trailer/Asset Tracker (Subscription Required)

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Product Description

LoneStar Tracking GPS Tracking LoneStar Tracking GPS Tracking

NEW AND IMPROVED LOCATION ACCURACY — LoneStar Tracking’s compact, rugged GPS tracking device is specially suited for a wide range of applications from tracking containers, trailers, and dumpsters to cars, trucks, and even boats and ATV’s! Unlike other GPS units, you rarely need to worry about battery life. Just 3 AA batteries (included) allow for up to 5 YEARS of tracking at one location update per day. Receive real-time alerts right on your smartphone or computer! The Oyster2’s discreet, low-profile design means it’s easily hidden where only YOU can find it.

After listening to our customers, we designed the LoneStar Tracking system to focus on three main points. Dependability, Ease of Use and Privacy. You can throw the harshest of conditions at the Oyster2 and it will continue to be dependable and reliable. With an IP rating of 68, this tracker can take the rain, snow, ice, sleet or the harsh West Texas sun any day.

Our cloud based software was designed from the ground up to provide an easy to use, yet powerful interface. We took off all the extra “fluf” and gave you a system that just works. It allows you to quickly see all your assets in Real-Time, where they were and where they are going. However, if you need more “power”, we can quickly switch you from our Lite version over to our Pro version which is packet with features!

Privacy is a huge concern for us at LoneStar Tracking. That is why we made sure that your data is protected from the moment it leaves your tracking device. Using bank-level encryption, all your information is secured and protected. Only you can access the tracking data at any time. Also, we never include any personal identifying information on or in the GPS tracker.

Just like your cell phone, technology changes and cellular providers change the technology that they use on the cell towers. The Oyster2 is designed with this in mind, in that it can operate on both 4G and 5G cell towers using Cat-M1 technology in the US, Canada or Mexico. You can rest assure that your device will continue to operate for years to come.

A Waterproof GPS Tracker For Every Application

trailer gps tracker

trailer gps tracker

Golf Cart GPS

Golf Cart GPS

Equipment GPS Tracker

Equipment GPS Tracker

Jet Ski GPS Tracking

Jet Ski GPS Tracking

Trailer GPS Tracker

Trailers are stolen every day and there is little that can be done to recover them or their contents. VIN numbers are easily filed off and hitch locks are easily cut. Hiding a GPS tracking device on your trailer is a sure way to recover your valuables.

Golf Cart GPS Tracker

Golf Carts are great both on the course or around the neighborhood. However, security was never a part of the design. You can discretely mount one of our Waterproof GPS Tracking devices under the seat or under the cart and have the ability to track its location.

Equipment GPS Tracker

From heavy equipment to small portable generators, your assets are on the move and need protection 24 hours a day. If you leave your equipment at the job site overnight, a waterproof GPS tracking device is the perfect companion for protection your goods.

Jet Ski GPS Tracker

Personal Water Crafts, Jet Skis and boats are easy targets for thieves. You can quickly install the Oyster2 inside of the Jet Ski or boat and be ready to track in seconds. No wires to connect , completely waterproof and the best in class battery life.

instant movement alerts with the trailer gps tracker oyster2 battery poweredinstant movement alerts with the trailer gps tracker oyster2 battery powered

Your Oyster2 tracking device has a built in 3-axis accelerometer that is constantly monitoring your asset for movement. If detected, your Oyster2 will wake up and take a look at its location via GNSS/GPS. If the location hasn’t changed, the Oyster2 will go back to sleep. However, if there is a new location, then your tracker will immediately send you a movement alert so you can take action fast!

Our support team can configure your Oyster2 to operate in one of two different modes. We call these modes Standard and Jostle.

Standard Mode (default) – Your Oyster2 will only alert you of movement if your tracker travels more than 750ft. This is a great mode because it prevents false-positives. If you get a movement alert, you can be assured that your asset is actually moving.Jostle – In this mode, your tracker does not need to actually travel. Any movement above our threshold will trigger the alert. For example, if you had this on a motorcycle, and someone bumped it, you can receive an alert.

The Oyster2 is using the latest in cellular and GPS technology to ensure you have an amazing tracking experience. Your new device actually has the capability of using up to 72 satellites to monitor your assets location! While other trackers are limited to 12. The Oyster2 will outperform time and time again. Besides outstanding GNSS/GPS reception, this device also operates on both 4G and 5G Cat-M1 AT&T cellular towers across the United States, Mexico and Canada.


Unlimited usage plans

Think of your GPS tracker as a cell phone, and every cell phone needs a subscription plan. This subscription plan gives your GPS tracking device access to the cellular network to report its location and to provide you with a mobile tracking app. After you purchase your tracking device, you will need to buy a subscription to activate your device. You can choose a monthly or yearly subscription, you can cancel at any time and we never charge activation fees or contracts. LoneStar Tracking charges 14.95 for the monthly plan or 149.95 per year for the annual plan. Everything is unlimited and there are no other fees.

Battery Powered GPSBattery Powered GPS

It’s super easy to replace the batteries

When your Oyster2 starts to run low on batteries, you will receive an alert. You just need to unscrew the back and replace the 3 AA batteries. We recommend the Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries. You can purchase these batteries an any convenience store or gas station. We like to keep it simple.

long battery life gps trackerlong battery life gps tracker

Battery life

The Oyster2 is capable of lasting 5+ years if your use Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries, at one location update per day. If your Oyster2 is on the move, the tracking device will be reporting its location more frequently, and therefor using more battery. Your mobile app will show you battery voltage so you can keep an eye on the life of your device.

location updates gps trackerlocation updates gps tracker

Location update frequency

Your new GPS tracker is designed to update its location every 5 minutes while on the move and once per day when stationary. As soon as your tracker leave the 750ft radius, it will immediately alert you and begin updating its position every 5 minutes on your map.

Encrypted GPSEncrypted GPS

Encrypted GPS

We care about your privacy and all communications are secure and encrypted. No personal or identifying information is stored on the tracking device, and LoneStar Tracking utilized bank-level AES 256 encryption to prevent people snooping on your data.

Oyster2 GPS Tracker Technical Specifications

Battery Life Up to 7 years of battery life at once-daily heartbeats / 1 year battery life at once-hourly heartbeats. Size 4.25″ x 3.39″ x 1.22″ Weight 194 g (6.84 oz) Operating Temperature -20°C to +60°C For operation in extreme temperatures use LTC Batteries. Batteries are affected by temperature extremes and typical performance is dependent on temperature. High sensitivity GPS Supports concurrent GPS and GLONASS and other GNSS systems – 72 channel high sensitivity receiver – -167dBm tracking performance – Optimal hot-start performance. GPS/GLONASS The Oyster2 uses both the GPS and GLONASS positioning systems simultaneously. This allows the device to use twice the number of satellites to get a position fix – making it faster and more accurate. Low Noise GPS Amplifier (LNA) GPS signals are boosted by a special low-noise amplifier (LNA). This allows the Oyster2 to operate where normal units will fail to receive GPS signal – like in a container stack! 3 Axis Accelerometer The 3-axis accelerometer allows the Oyster2 to ‘sleep’ in an ultra-low power state yet still wakeup when movement occurs. 4G/5G Modem uBlox SARA-R410M Modem operates on all major global 4G and 5G-Cat-M1 bands. These new low-power networks are specifically designed for IoT applications providing great battery life. LoneStar Tracking only utilizes the Cat-M1 bands in US/Canada/Mexico Coverage Area The Oyster2 operates on the AT&T cellular network and has coverage across Mexico, USA and Canada on Cat M1 4G and 5G towers. Mobile App Yes – free for both Android and iPhone Subscription Required – Once you purchase the Oyster2 you will need to purchase a subscription from LoneStar Tracking. Currently 14.95 per month for a month-to-month plan or 149 per year for the annual plan. (No monthly fee plans available, “yearly subscriptions”) Applications Great for tracking trailers, equipment, bicycles, generators, jet skis, boats, and most other non-powered assets. Location Updates LoneStar Tracking offers 5 minute or 1 hour location updates. This is selectable when you purchase your subscription. Recovery mode is available with 30 second location updates.

LONGEST BATTERY LIFE – 3 AA Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries offer up to an astounding 5 YEARS of battery life with one locate per day! Not just a tracking device for cars, you can confidently use this as a GPS tracker for other assets as well! Small, light, and inconspicuous.
UPDATES EVERY 5 MINUTES – The Oyster car tracker device will update it’s location every 5 minutes while moving and once per day when stationary (Recovery Mode Available)
INSTANT ALERTS – Receive an instant alert on your phone via text or email if your asset begins to move. Also receive alerts for geofences and low battery.
AFFORDABLE, NO COMMITMENT – First Month Free! – Subscription is only $14.95 per month or $149 per year | No Contract | No Activation Fee | US, Canada and Mexico coverage on both 4G and 5G Cat-M1 Towers
MINI CAR GPS TRACKER, WATERPROOF CASE – IP67 rated waterproof and rugged design means your GPS will continue tracking even in the harshest environments. Protect your valuable assets with this vehicle tracking device.


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