Pure Enrichment Purezone 3-in-1 review

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With the increasing amount of pollution in the air outside we usually fall into a trap of an assumption that air in our homes is clean and fresh by mere usage of some air fresheners but the research result of the Environmental Protection Agency says otherwise, that indoor air can be even more polluted, which obviously can put you at health risk.

So with a lot more other air purifying techniques, you need something that can help you to keep some tiniest airborne particles at a bay without bothering you much to make hard efforts, that’s an air purifier and if you are looking for a reasonable yet effective one we’ve come up with a review of Pure Enrichment PureZone 3-in-1 Air purifier that can end your search here.

PureZone a true HEPA filter and UV-C air cleaning sanitizer as the product claim let’s learn more about what it has to offer us in our review below.

Pure Enrichment PureZone 3-in-1 Air Purifier – True HEPA Filter & UV-C Sanitizer Cleans Air, Helps Alleviate Allergies, Removes Pet Hair, Smoke & More – For Home, Office & Bedroom

With the increasing competition of large numbers of air-purifying machines in the market, we believe that it’s the one you should be looking for, considering the positive customer reviews and promising services at this price. This air purifier in this affordable price of under 100$ and the feasible installation features is a great option for allergy seasons if you are sensitive to them as the device can purify humid air by reducing germs.

purezone 3-in-1 true hepa air purifier FEATURES
  • A 3- stage air purification system
  • 2 true HEPA Filters
  • Easy Filter reset indicator system
  • Easy to use touch-button technology to customize the speed and timing
  • UV-C light to destroy health-hazardous microorganisms
  • Sleep setting  option to not to bother you at nights
Pure Enrichment PureZone Design and Size

When comes to design this device flaunts a very attractive and modern yet minimal style according to its functionality that’s way more unique from any other conventional purifiers, because of its all-plastic body and plastic paint coat.

It has thoughtfully designed keeping in mind the spaces you may want to occupy it in, so it can fit in many different spaces according to your need. Unlike our other boring machines, it serves some decorative esthetics as well with its shiny white plastic coating; you can place it on your side tables or even on dressers without looking goofy.

Product design Specifications
Size10.8’’ L  by 6.9’’ W  by 12.1’’ H
BrandPure Enrichment
CARD80 cfm
Weight8.4 lb (3.8 kg)
UV lightWavelength: 254nm
 Lamp lifeApprox. 20,000 hours
Noise level30dB (low), 40dB (Medium), 50dB (High)
Coverage AreaUp to 200 sq ft
Clean air delivery rate80 CFM
purezone 3-in-1 Filtration system performance

This PureZone true HEPA filter can provide you with improved air quality in your rooms, offices and your kids’ nurseries with its 4 stage power filtration system, yes you heard right, this 3-stage air purifier actually has 4 filtrating stages and can sanitize about 99.97% of dirt particle of the size as small as 0.3 microns. It deals with dust, pet dander, smoke, pollen, mold spores, and other household odors to give you humid free fresh air.

3 in 1 Filtration technology:

1-Pre –Filter:

This very first washable filter mode will help in the capture and absorb dust and allergen particles at the initial stage. It basically reduces any impurities at the beginning, making the cleaning process easier for other filters.

2- Activated Carbon Filter:

It destroys harmful VOCs. It basically eliminates unpleasant odors and smoke while absorbing formaldehyde, benzene, and other poisonous gases.

3-True HEPA

This powerful filter traps dust, smoke, pollen, and other allergens. It removes 99.97% particles of as small as 0.3 microns.

4- UV-C Light:

It’s an optional filter giving you the option of off/on by a touch button on top of this gadget. It basically destroys micro-organisms such as germs, viruses, bacteria, and fungi.

The 3 in 1 filters should be cleaned at least once in a month to optimize the performance which is very easy as you can remove all the filters and dust off or wash them.


You can choose fan speed at tree rates using this feature which allows you to set the speed according to your preference, and need at low, medium, and high fan speed levels.

  • UV-C and sleep button

 This button offers you to turn on/off the lamp and set the sleep mode options to automatically change the speed at a low setting for you not to be worried about settings if forget.

  • Energy-saving “timer button”

You can use this function to set your PureZone in a timed mode for the intervals of 2, 4, and 8 hours to stop the unit automatically when the time has elapsed to save the power.

  • SOUND quality

It operates so quietly when working on low speed-levels even on medium to high settings it won’t bother you but only if your surroundings are too quiet its noise may speed up a bit at high degree settings at a rate of 50dB.

  • Considerable performance rating
  • 5- years warranty
  • Portable
  •  No noise quiet operation
  • Luxuries design
  • Pre-installed energy saving option
  • Feasible filter replacement
  • Suitable only for single room use, support about 200 sq ft.
  • CARD rating is low, will exchange air every 30 minutes.

Looking at the positive reviews of the product on Amazon and one of the best selling product over there, if you are looking for a reasonable and decent air sanitizing gadget to occupy it in a single room area, in our opinion, the Pure Enrichment PureZone 3-in-1 is quite perfect as looking at its additional UVC light and strong HEPA filter. But as come the very few numbers of slightly negative reviews you still have the 5 years warranty that makes the product really promising regarding the performance.

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