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You can get many advantages by online shopping such as it saves your time, allowing you to avoid lines and standing for hours in traffic jams on the way to the mall and so on. Due to having a variety of products and services on online shopping. Most of the buyers prefer online shopping rather than doing store shopping. But on the other hand, there are some disadvantages, the buyer may experience. Some poor experiences and unsafe online shopping practices make a bad deal.

How to stay safe shopping online?

It is possible to stay safe and shop online. You just have to beware of the dangers and risks involved in online shopping. Keeping an eye on every possible thing that can go wrong, you can save yourself.

You must be careful and follow the tips to know how to stay safe shopping online. The most important tips on online shopping safety you should know will discuss here:

15 tips on online shopping you should know

  • Use an Internet or temporary card:

To protect your money, the one way is to create a different card only for internet shopping. So that you can transfer a limited amount of money to this card. Thus, if any hacker gets your card access your main account will be safe.

  • PayPal account:

Connect your card to your PayPal account to make online shopping secure. If the seller tries to deceive you, the PayPal account provides a guarantee of a refund.

  • Choose online stores carefully:

Before providing credit card details make sure about few things such as buying only from trusted sellers, paying attention to advertising on the site, the address, and the browser warnings, reading the reviews about the store, don’t take the risk if you have any doubt. On online shopping, many fraudsters try to get your banking information. As per tips on online shopping, you need to beware of these frauds.

  • Find reviews about the store:

If the site is fake, there must be some reviews in relevant groups on Facebook or other related sites from previously-deceived customers. Another thing is, you must have to pay attention to the address and contact number of the store.

  • Don’t use your social network accounts:

The main source of information is your social network account which collects personal data. This data may be later used by frauds. Do not allow online stores to access your account data. Set the profile privately on Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, and all that.

  • Create a secure password:

A secure password is another way for how to stay safe shopping online. You can use a password manager, as creating a unique password for each service might be difficult. But using the same password everywhere (for email, social networks, and online stores) may be risky.

  • Don’t use public Wi-Fi or hotspot:

Using public Wi-Fi and hotspot can be dangerous for online shopping. Cybercriminals may get access to the data of your online payment. Therefore, using your home internet is the best for online shopping.

  • Carefully check the links:

Before clicking on any link it’s important to be careful, either you got it from SMS, an email, or attachments. Through a variety of ways, you may lose money and personal data by clicking on a link having viruses. As you click on the fake link virus is downloaded to your device and it stole your data and money as well. So be careful, and try to avoid suspicious links.

  • Check connections:

You must be aware of the security of the connection. The link to the secure source has to begin with HTTP. The platforms for creating online shopping stores recommend HTTPS protocol. The HTTPS protocol and SSL certificates protect the data transferred between the Internet user and the site. And if the online store’s address starts with http, you should avoid purchasing from there. Otherwise, your account details can be easily stolen.

  • Computer’s security:

Install a good antivirus program to secure your computer from different viruses because the computer can also attack your online accounts. Therefore by installing an antivirus program you can update and protect your computer from the most urgent threats regularly.

  • Upgrade Internet browsers:

Always make sure that you have installed the latest version of the browser on your computer. As programs usually report updates and suggest installing so it’s not difficult to be updated. The creators frequently improve their programs and increase the security against impostors.

  • Check if the store accepts your card:

Before placing an order first, carefully learn the terms and conditions of payment on the website if you don’t want to waste your time.

  • Enter the web address manually:

Many sites may use similar names to the popular sites such as there is a slight difference between Amazon and Amaz0n. Although Amaz0n is quite similar to the original one but that is the fake one.  So, don’t copy the URL into the link bar. The more reliable is to enter the site address manually.

  • Use a VPN:

A virtual private network (VPN) makes your online shopping more secure. It makes your internet connection protected and private. In short, whenever you get to connect to the Internet through a dedicated VPN server, it creates a VPN tunnel. The VPN tunnel protects your anonymity and eliminates the possibility of malevolent influence, including viruses, hackers, and censors.

  • Log out from your account:

Closing the browser is not enough. Whenever you purchase anything on online shopping, as you finish the task don’t forget to log out of the system store, bank, or payment system. your data can easily get into the wrong hands. If you use a public computer.


Shopping online is extensively favorable when you are saving time, money, effort and getting quality products. According to the tips on online shopping by experts, you should only buy from certified stores. The shopping sites like Shopify, Amazon, and eBay you get complete payment security and quality products.

If you wonder about how to stay safe shopping online then keep the tips on online shopping in your mind. These tips will keep you in a safe zone for shopping online. Remember, a happy shopping experience is based on your selection of shops, products, pricing and overall experience. There are numerous platforms out there offering you the best shopping experience. All you need is to stick to these shopping platforms.

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