Aorkuler GPS Dog Tracker, Pet Tracker No Monthly Fee No Subscription, Dog Tracker Without Cellular Networks,Real-Time Tracking Device for Dog and Pets, Dog Tracker Without Mobile Phones

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Product Description

veifiled member of amaozn launchpadveifiled member of amaozn launchpad Small Brand Creates Big Ideas Amazon Ratings Rank Aorkuler Higher Than The Second Best

Traditional pet trackers depend on cellular networks and stop working without a signal. Tracker manufacturers have been slow to innovate, but Aorkuler is dedicated to solving this challenge with innovation.Aorkuler’s commitment to quality and innovation has earned the trust and endorsement of Amazon Launchpad(exceptional and innovative brands globally). This recognition assures customers of Aorkuler’s reliability and trustworthiness.

Real-Time Tracking At Your Fingertips

Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker Without Subscription、Phone,Free For Life!

No subscriptions, No activation, No app downloads.

Say goodbye to monthly fees and unreliable phone signals with the innovative Aorkuler dog GPS tracker! With continuous, real-time tracking, you can enjoy peace of mind during outdoor activities knowing that your furry friend is always within reach.

free and freedom No Cellular Network or Monthly Fees Required tracking at a glance Real-Time Tracking Without A Phone loader and brighter Locate Dog With Louder & Brighter Alert waterproof Frolic Freely In The River And Lake dog tracking,not data tracking Will Not Collecting Any of Your Privacy 1 No Cell Signal Worries 2 Simpler To Use 3 Easier To Find 4 100% Waterproof 5 Avoid Privacy Leaks

Why Don’t You Require a Monthly Subscription Fee?

The Aorkuler Pet Tracker uses advanced low-power & long-range wireless technology, not a traditional 4G/5G tracker,so it doesn’t rely on a SIM card or cellular network, making it unnecessary to subscribe, activate, or pay a monthly fee.

Why is Aorkuler slightly more expensive than some other brands of trackers?

Aorkuler is a one-time purchase with free lifetime usage, unlike other trackers that depend on mobile networks and require ongoing monthly or yearly subscription fees to use. Additionally, some brands charge extra fees through their apps.

Where Can I Use Aorkuler Dog GPS Tracker?

Ideal for outdoor use in open areas, particularly in places with poor or unreliable phone signals. You can use Aorkuler with peace of mind while walking, traveling, camping, exploring, and engaging in other outdoor activities with your furry friend.

How to Track Your Dog Outdoors Without a Phone

Hold the controller horizontally outdoors to see your dog’s real-time direction and distance on the tracker,No need for a phone. The tracker will shows “nearby” as you get closer. Use light and sound in low visibility to locate your dog.

What Is The Upgrade Program That Anyone Can Join?

Every customer who has purchased Aorkuler can directly enjoy the Upgrade Program , which provides access an incredibly cost-effective money for an upgraded product.(please refer to official website for more information.)

expenses compareexpenses compare

up to 3.5 milesup to 3.5 miles Up to 3.5 miles In Rural Area

The tracking radius can be up to 3.5 miles in an open environment and 0.65 miles in downtown/dense space.

8 Hours Continuous Real-Time Tracking8 Hours Continuous Real-Time Tracking At Least 8H Real-Time Tracking

At least lasts 8H for real-time tracking, depending on signal strength in your area, the frequency of your tracking, device movements and settings.

upgrade program upgrade program Upgrade Program

In order to protect the rights of Aorkuler users, existing customers who have purchased Aorkuler can enjoy a more affordable new products.

what in the boxwhat in the box Inside The Box

controller*1, tracker*1, quick start*1, usb charging cable*2, user manual*1, strap*1, shell *1.

Aorkuler Dog Gps Tracker No Subscription Standard Technical Specifications

Controller Weight 53.9g Tracker Weight 30.6g Light Alarm Support Sound Alarm Support Tracker Battery 600mAh Controller Battery 1000mAh Controller Dimension 106mm*40mm*15mm Tracker Dimension 44mm*44mm*19mm

Inherent Real-Time and Long-Distance Tracking:You can check your dog’s real-time position and distance at any time without downloading any apps or turning on your phone. Aorkuler dog GPS tracker’s tracking radius can reach up to 3.5 miles in open areas and 0.65 miles in urban/dense spaces, subject to environmental influences. Aorkuler reduces the instability and delay caused by the LTE network and achieves continuous real-time tracking, known as ‘Live Tracking’ or ‘Anti-Lost Radar searching’.
Stronger Sound & Light Alarm and Simpler Operation Dog Tracker: Aorkuler GPS dog tracker with louder sound and more eye-catching light alarms help you easily find your dog by tapping the button in situations with poor lighting or many obstacles (such as at night or in bushes). The Aorkuler pet tracker with unique and simple design allows you to say goodbye to complicated maps and cumbersome app settings.
Long Working Time with Continuous Real-Time Tracking, Sturdy and Waterproof: Aorkuler pet tracker lasts at least 8 hours in continuous real-time tracking. Aorkuler GPS tracker for dog is IP67 rated for waterproof and fully dustproof design, supporting short time swimming and diving. You can take your dog anywhere you want to go with Aorkuler dog tracker.
Privacy Protection: Your data and your dog’s data are only transmitted between the Aorkuler dog GPS tracker and the controller. Aorkuler dog GPS tracker has no APP and not collect any of your privacy. Your privacy and your dog’s safety are equally important and this GPS tracker for dogs can be used with complete peace of mind.

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