Kaizen Kreations Holder Case for Apple Airtag Air Tag Hidden GPS Tracker for Kids, Elderly, Pet, Clothing, etc. Safer Than GPS Watch, Keychain, Bracelet, Necklace, Wristband (Black, 2-Pack)

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Looking for a GPS tracker for kids but noticing a common problem with every product you’re finding?
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All of the above GPS kid tracker are fully visible and are easy for predators to remove!!!
Introducing the first hidden GPS tracking devices that securely fastens an Apple Airtag underneath your child’s clothing making them almost fully invisible.
This kids GPS tracker when worn under clothes is comfortable and made of high quality silicone so it won’t stick to skin. Kids will only play with what they see and since this air tag holder for kids is out of sight, the liklihood that they would remove it themselves is minimized.
Other kid tracker on the market are big and bulky and can’t be easily concealed.
Do not make the mistake of taking your child’s safety lightly. Whether you’re on vacation or in a crowded area, GPS for kids is an absolute necessity.
Utilizing an Apple Air Tag for kids child tracker makes the most sense for most people:
✅ The cheapest way to get a child GPS tracker
✅ The most reliable software/hardware
✅ Long battery life makes for a superior kid tracker device
This product can be used on more than just a kids GPS. Use this GPS tracker for elderly as well.
Once you have the peace of mind that this kids tracker device provides, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.
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BENEFITS of using an Apple Airtag as a Child Tracker versus the competition: ✅ RELIABILITY – Since air tags are part of the Apple ecosystem, their software is lightyears beyond what similar products ✅ DEPENDABILITY – Uses surrounded Apple devices, the most common handheld phone in the world, to update GPS tracking location ✅ AFFORDABILITY – If you use a iPhone compatible with Airtags, this is the cheapest way to get a GPS tracker for your child. Similar products can cost over 4x more
EASY TO KEEP HIDDEN – Unlike other airtag watches, bracelets, wristband, keychain, and necklace that are visible, this air tag holder can be pinned underneath clothing, hidden out of sight possibly preventing removal of the tracking device. Also, since tracker is out of sight, children wearing this pin / tracking device for kids are less likely to take it off.
EASY TO INSTALL AND DESIGNED TO FIT ALL BODY TYPES COMFORTABLY – Airtag case uses a “safety pin” design to securely fasten an air tag to your kid, dog collar, and/or cats. Safety pin design is much more reliable than a sticker and cannot be misplaced like a key chain, watch, or small bracelet.
CONSUMER PRODUCT SAFETY CERTIFIED PER THE AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR TESTING AND MATERIALS F2923 – All products are safety certified by a verified independent third-party laboratory to ensure that no products contain lead or other toxins. Products are packaged in a puncture-resistant “Kaizen Kreations” branded bag to maintain safe handling. Apple Airtags possess an approximately 1-year battery life APPLE AIRTAG NOT INCLUDED. WARNING NOT FOR CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 3. ITEM CONTAINS SHARP POINT.


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