LandAirSea Overdrive Trailer GPS Tracker, Extended Battery, Waterproof, Magnetic.Equipment, Vehicles, and More. Full Global Coverage.

Price: $199.95
(as of May 29,2023 10:54:40 UTC – Details)

The LandAirSea OVERDRIVE Real Time 4G LTE GPS telematic device helps you keep up-to-date on your most important assets. Its waterproof design with a built-in super-strength magnet, and an extended battery that provides you 3 to 4 times the battery charge as the Best-Selling LandAirSea 54. Receive text and email alerts, track the device’s location on a map, and view historical playbacks. The easy-to-use GPS tracker gives you multiple methods to stay in the know wherever it is located. Battery Life: In Motion Tracking Mode (Tracks all movements at programmed frequency) Update Frequency : Estimated Driving Hours of Battery Life 3 Minutes – 120 hours 1 Minute – 110 hours 30 Second – 105 hours 10 Second – 90 hours 5 Second – 78 hours 3 Second – 72 hours Timer Based Tracking / Energy Saver Mode (Location updated at a set frequency) Reporting Frequency : Estimated Battery Life 24 Hours – 2.5 Years 12 Hours – 2.0 Years 8 Hour – 540 days 6 Hour – 420 days 4 Hour – 270 days 2 Hour – 180 days 1 Hour – 90 days 30 Minute – 45 days
Waterproof, dustproof GPS Tracker
Strong Internal Magnet with SIM Card Included
APP and Website will provide real-time tracking with secure log-in
Lights can be turned out (Dark Mode)
Geofence Alerts, Speed Alerts, Fence Alerts, Battery Alerts

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