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Price: $58.00
(as of Jul 26,2023 12:51:49 UTC – Details)

The 4G LTE GPS Tracker can be used by fleets and rental companies such as Turo to track location using a smart phone, tablet or computer. It also features a kill switch relay which allows the user to kill the ignition remotely in case of a vehicle being stolen, unauthorized access of the vehicle, or payment not made on a rental vehicle. The GPS Tracker does need to be professionally installed at an audio shop or an auto repair shop. The tracking portal provides information such as miles per hour, six month history log, text/email notifications, breadcrumb trail, satellite view, and street view. Year service as low as $9.95/month or month to month plan available for $15.95/month. Premium plan options available as well.
RENTAL CAR COMPANIES: Keep track of rental vehicles for large companies such as Turo with fleet tracking. The Hardwire Tracker and Kill switch makes it easier to keep track of customers and to disable the ignition in case they default on a payment.
SIMPLE DISCRETE INSTALLATION: The GPS Tracker is compact and gets installed behind the dashboard. Installation can be complete at any audio shop or mechanic.
SEVERAL SOFTWARE FEATURES: GPS Tracking software provides text/email notifications and stores six month history log. Set up perimters and be notified of any excessive speeding alerts.
INTERNATIONAL COVERAGE – Track outside of USA in locations such as Canada and Mexico. No contract required
LOW COST PLAN – New low cost plan available for as low as $9.95 for 12 months of service. $11.95 for the 6 month service plan. $13.95 for the 3 month service plan. $15.95 month to month plan available.This plan will provide updates Once per Hour ONLY. It will not provide ignition on or off or excessive speed alerts. It will only show the speed when it updates once per hour.

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