Bluetooth Key Finder – Key Locator Device with App, Siri Compatibility, & Extra Battery – Anti-Lost GPS Keychain Tracker Device for Phone, Luggage, Backpack, & Wallet – GPS Tracking Chip Tags By Rinex

Price: $22.37
(as of Feb 20,2023 08:18:58 UTC – Details)

Product Description

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Between getting ready for work and wrangling the kids, mornings can be hectic.

One little lost key can put your whole day off-kilter. Let Rinex’s handy

keys finder take care of your missing things,

so you can focus on what really matters and get on with your day.

bluetooth key finderbluetooth key finder

Hey, Siri!

Can you find my keys, please?

key finder rinex bluetooth key finderkey finder rinex bluetooth key finder

The Perfect Gift

For someone who’d misplace their head if it wasn’t attached!

Stop Searching for Your Cell Phone!

phone finder phone finder locator phone finder keychain phone finder app phone finder bluetooth

phone finder phone finder locator phone finder keychain phone finder app phone finder bluetooth

luggage tracker luggage tags

luggage tracker luggage tags

key finder

key finder

Where’s your phone?

So you know where your keys are, but where’s your phone? Don’t worry. The anti-lost tracker works the other way, too! Just press the button on the tracker to locate your phone

Take a Trip with the Best Travel Buddy.

Never lose your travel bag again! Finding your suitcase among all that look-alike luggage is a breeze when you attach your Rinex locator tags to your baggage!

Lost Items = Lost Time!

Did you know that each person spends roughly 2.5 days a year searching for lost items? Never lose an item again and save your precious time with Rinex! With the GPS locator, distance estimate, and sound indicator, you can quickly recover lost and even stolen belongings. Rinex helps you regain your valuables and valuable time!

gps for keys find my device with appgps for keys find my device with app

Get Tracking Right Out of the Box!

Your tracking device for keys arrives ready to use with the battery already in place. Just read the comprehensive manual, download our app, and pair it with your phone!

pet trackerpet tracker

Keep Kids, Canines, and Cats Safe!

It’s terrifying when your kids or pets wander too far off. Who knows what could happen to them? Make sure they stay safe with our Bluetooth tracker! When you keep them in sight, you keep them safe. Plus, if they roam out of the tracker’s distance range, your phone lets you know. Keep every member of your family safe with Rinex!

LOST AND QUICKLY FOUND – Running late and can’t find your keys? Stop wasting precious time with the Rinex remote key finder! With the push of a button, you can find your keys and get out the door in no time!
TRACK ANYTHING BIG OR SMALL – Never lose anything again—not even a person or pet! If your kid sometimes wanders off at the park or your dog is an escape artist, the GPS Tracker can quickly alert you to their location via phone app.
SECURITY MADE SIMPLE – Retrieve your valuables without a hitch thanks to our luggage tracker’s simple Bluetooth technology, iPhone and Android app, and GPS locating capabilities. If you have an Apple device, you can even use Siri to help you find your things!
POCKET-SIZED PORTABLE PROTECTION – This key finder keychain never gets in your way since it’s super slim and less than an inch long! It’s so thin; you can slip it into your wallet or luggage without it taking up valuable space.
BONUS BATTERY, BETTER SERVICE – Nothing is worse than trying to locate your pet or purse only to be met with a dead battery. That’s why we give you a BONUS battery! The extra battery and our top-notch customer service ensure you won’t have any issues that we can’t help with.

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