XMARTO 100% Wire-Free Solar Home Security Camera System Wireless, 4-Set 2K 4MP QHD CCTV Camera Kit with 4K 10CH Expandable WiFi NVR and Past 90-Day Video Storage, All-Weather Solar Charge (SCS-2K104)

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Product Description

100% Wireless Easy Installing Solar Security Camera System

The XMARTO SCS-2K104 is a 4-camera CCTV security system for homes or business. The system is easy to use for it’s wire-free with solar power and has self-built-in WiFi. Fix the cameras on walls/ ceilings and your properties are secured with real-time surveillance, without the need of running cables.

XMARTO solar security cameras are 100% wire free without any cable

Easy to Install

No Cable Needed

The cameras are powered with batteries & solar panels, streaming videos to NVR with their own WiFi.

solar security camera system wireless

Non-stop Power

Stay Charged Even in Rainy & Snowy Days

With XMARTO’s All-Weather-Charge Technology, the cameras are recharged even in rainy/ snowy days.

These solar security cameras detect people, animal and vehicles

Avoid False Alert by Tree

Focus on What Matters

The PIR thermal sensors detect human, animal and vehicles, avoiding most false alerts by plants.

solar wireless security camera with spot light flood light

Light up Area on Motion

Warning Lights & Siren Alarm

The 1-tap siren and motion warning lights help you to defend your place without confrontation.

1 100% Wire-Free 2 All-Weather-Charge 3 Smart Detection 4 Siren/ Light Alarm

solar security camera system with long wifi range and coverage XMARTO solar security camera system wireless

Wire-free or Plug-in

24/7 Working Mode Selectable

If you want a camera to work 24/7, keep it plugged to power and switch it to Continuous Mode.

XMARTO security cameras comes with both InfraRed night vision and color night vision.

See in Pitch Darkness

Color and IR Night Vision

With motion-triggered floodlights, captures important details such as color of clothes and vehicles.

security camera system wireless solar 1 Long Range WiFi 2 Work on Motion or 24/7 3 Color Night Vision 4 Easy Remote View

Versatile add-on Cameras

The 4K 10-channel NVR is powerful with dual WiFi routers, a speaker and capability to manage up to 10 cameras. You can add up to 6 extra XMARTO cameras to make a totally 10-camera surveillance system. You have plenty of choices at affordable costs.

solar security camera wirelesssolar security camera wireless







Flexible Video Storage The cameras record to SD card in the NVRThe cameras record to SD card in the NVR Save Videos to SD Card in NVR

The preinstalled 64GB SD card keeps motion-triggered of past ±120 days.

You can use Micro SD card with up to 256GB capacity.

The XMARTO cameras record to the HDD in NVRThe XMARTO cameras record to the HDD in NVR Save to HDD in NVR

If you use some cameras in 24/7 mode, add a 2.5″ SATA HDD for mass storage.

* 500GB – 6TB HDD suggested.

The xmarto cameras records to the SD cardThe xmarto cameras records to the SD card Save to SD Card in Camera

Each camera has a SD card slot for saving its videos in the camera if you want a backup.

All XMARTO cameras have optional Cloud storageAll XMARTO cameras have optional Cloud storage Save to Cloud

In the mobile App, you can subscribe Cloud storage plan for a certain or all cameras. 30-day free Cloud storage is offered.

Do the cameras work 24/7?

Yes but not by default. All solar-powered security cameras record on motion detection. You can plug the cameras to power with 5V DC phone chargers, switch to “Continuous Recording Mode” to make them work 24/7. It affects the battery longevity though.

Do the cameras’ power last after the 1st charge?

Please fully charge the cameras and mount them with solar panels. The solar panels replenish the power everyday they consume. Yes this will last and you don’t need to take cameras down to recharge.

Is a DC power charger included?

No power charger included. Please use 5V 1A or 2A phone chargers to fully recharge the cameras overnight when you receive them. Please use common chargers. Super chargers with more than 10W may not charge the cameras well.

Is there any extra cost?

No extra cost or subscription. You will need to use a TV or a monitor for initial setup. After the setup the screen can be unplugged and you can view from smartphones or tablets. There is optional Cloud storage in the App if you want a Cloud backup.

How long does the SD card record?

The 64GB SD card keeps motion-triggered videos of past 90-120 days and it loop records. If you use any camera in 24/7 mode, we suggest you to add a 2.5″ SATA HDD to the NVR for mass storage.

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【Easy Installation】This is a 4-camera home security camera system for houses, stores or offices. The 4 cameras are powered with solar panels & rechargeable batteries, and transmit videos to the NVR via their own built-in WiFi. Installing the cameras do not need power or video cables.You just need to mount the cameras to walls or ceiling. Then you can monitor your properties with 4 cameras. If 4 cameras are not enough, you can add more cameras to make a total 10-camera surveillance system.
【All-Weather-Charge Technology】 (AKA XMARTO Trickle-Charge) – XMARTO solar cameras are powered with All-Weather-Charge technology. The solar panels supply power to cameras even in rainy and snowy days, to keep the cameras working with non-stop power.
【Long Range WiFi Coverage】 powered with long range WiFi video transmission, in line of sight, the cameras work at a distance of up to 1300ft from the NVR, making them easy to install around your house.
【4K 10-channel WiFi NVR】the 10-channel NVR supports cameras with up to 4K resolution, and outputs up to 4K video to a monitor/ TV. With micro SD card slot and 2.5″ SATA HDD dock, you can use any storage among SD card, SATA HDD, SATA SSD or Cloud Storage.
【PIR Thermal True Detection】with PIR thermal sensors and humanoid detection, the cameras avoid most false alerts and send App/ email alerts when people, animals or vehicles detected, helping you to take care of your properties and loved ones with ease.
【Easy Mobile View】it’s easy and takes only minutes to add the kit to the free mobile App to view 4 cameras simultaneously, from anywhere anytime.
【2-way Audio】hear the voice while viewing the video, talk to your loved ones from mobile App with one single tap.


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